Follow the path

Collective Eight wants us all to remember:
Yoga is more than physical practice –
Yoga is a mindset.
So take your practice with you:
always, everywhere – on and off the mat.
We want to draw attention to yoga’s original eight components: asana, as physical practice, only seeming to be the most promoted one nowadays.
But Yama, Niyama, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi being equally important as spiritual, mental and moral guiding practices.
We strongly believe in the power and importance of the philosophical and spiritual part of the yoga practice. This believe truly leads all our actions and serves us as constant inspiration for our garments. Our messages are meant to open new perspectives, to invite dialogue, to exchange experiences – about yoga and beyond.
We want to offer a new access to the spiritual part of yoga by featuring chants, kirtan, sutras and mantras on products for your daily life – for on and off the mat.




Sustainability is our highest value.
To us this means: to cause as little environmental impact as possible from the idea to the product to packaging.

Our production partners must guarantee fair working conditions and fulfill environmental responsibility standards.
We partner up with local manufactures for our silk screening and embroidery. Many steps of the process are done manually and require a lot of time.
Most of our products are also vegan and made from organic material, and are as well as GOT-certified.
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