Eco-friendly Yoga Wear

From yogis for yogis - or future ones: our eco-friendly, fairly produced shirts, sweaters and hoodies to be worn as active wear for your yoga practice or work-out or as leisure wear for your daily life.
And because it all matters; our thoughts, our words as well as our actions we do take responsibility. If we want to follow Patanjali's Path we need to consider Ahimsa, non-harming, in every step we undertake.
And so do we as Collective Eight in every detail of our Yoga Wear, from materials to packaging: designed by yogis, supported by friends and family, using only guaranteed eco-friendly textiles bought from transparant sources, refinded by small local manufactures in the heart of Berlin. 
To be worn on every occasion: take our philosophy with you as active wear for your yoga practice or as meaningful fashion accessoire off the mat.